Wellness vacations in the beautiful Moselle region: Open your heart to something new!

If you want to find peace and relax both body and soul, our luxurious hotel with its generous wellness facilities and unique Panorama Pool is the perfect environment. Let us indulge you and pamper you, experience wellness in an atmosphere designed to offer you unforgettably harmonious vacations – whether it’s for several weeks or just one weekend.

Time for something NEW – just give us as much time as you can, and we assure you that you’ll be looking forward to your next stay with us. Enjoy the luxury of a place in harmony with Feng-Shui principles, and benefit from the regenerating, relaxing, and balancing effects of your wellness experience.
We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Arrive, feel at home, and leave your worries behind you!
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Special Offers

Little wellness 1 x 1 arrangement

2 nights

Three days to feel good

  • 2 x overnight stay incl. breakfast-buffet
  • 2 x MaXX dinner / buffet with daily 5 menus to choose
  • 1 x welcome wine in our lobby bar
  • 1 x free “More Energy partial body massage”

from EUR 207.00


3 nights

rest and relax

  • 3 overnights incl. breakfast-buffet
  • 2 x MaXX dinner / buffet with daily 5 menus to choose
  • 1 x MaXX Dinner / buffet 4 course with daily 4 menus to choose
  • 1 x welcome wine in our lobby bar
  • 1 x free “More Energy partial body massage”

from EUR 280.00

Mosel - magic

4 nights

Experience delightful culinary treats and the romance of the Moselle valley

  • 4  x overnight stay incl. breakfast-buffet
  • 3 x MaXX dinner / buffet with daily 5 menus to choose
  • 1 x MaXX Dinner / Buffet 4 course with daily 4 menus to choose
  • 1 x romantic Mosel -ship tour in the summer or 1 bottle of wine in the winter
  • 1 x wine tasting
  • 1 x ticket for the Mosel-Wine-Museum


from EUR 350.00


The traditional Chinese system of paying the TCM physician according to the public’s health status, practiced until only a few years ago, was very wise. The healthier his patients, the wealthier the TCM physician. With good reason.

Chi, the life energy, springs from the perfect balance of yin and yang. And it is this balance that the chi needs to flow freely.

Traditional Chinese Medicine associates each organ of the body with either yin or yang. In this context, „organ” does not only describe the individual organ, but the whole organic system – in other words, the organ’s „functional sphere”. The TCM concept of organs always includes the entirety of each organ’s functions. Thus, the lung includes not only the whole breathing complex, but also the sense of smell.

TCM uses the concept of the five elements and their two basic cycles to represent the strong correlation between all organs and all their possible discomforts and dysfunctions within each functional sphere.

  • Methodology
  • Prevention
  • 5 Elements
  • TCM offers

In the China of today, traditional Chinese medicine is applied for simple disorders, functional disturbances and chronic ailments. Traditional medicine is used in support of treatment for chronic diseases and for augmenting Western medical measures in case of severe organ diseases.

Among the Chinese treatment methods, acupuncture and acupressure have to date found most acceptance in Europe. Traditional phytotherapy (therapy using plant-based remedies) is very popular at present in Germany and in Europe. People are also applying Qi Gong energy exercises in increasing numbers.

Our Chinese TCM therapists use the handed down traditional techniques to penetrate deep into the bodily field of the patients. The Chinese medical practitioner concentrates on the aura during therapy. Mind, soul and body are evaluated and included in the therapy.

Only by special training, together with a special type of energy concentration, can the medical practitioner transfer the Qi to the patient. In this process, the medical practitioner must concentrate on the impending treatment in the course of the day through physical and meditation exercises. In this way, the Qi can reach the disturbed energy field of the patient during the treatment, enabling the meridians to be rebuilt.




We will always listen to your soul.

Together we will achieve your personal wellness and beauty targets. Relax and rest – you have deserved this.

Always a friendly smile from our specialized team comprising TCM specialists, alternative practitioners, masseurs, a German medical practitioner, wellness consultants and specialized beauticians.

In case you have to wait a while in our beauty farm why not do so in our spacious bistro?

We fashion your vacation or your therapy more personal, a little more individual and we definitely „unfold your beauty”.

And so we look forward to meeting you!

We will gladly share some advice with you personally on the phone or by e-mail.

Men are also welcome.

Balneo therapy in an exclusive bathing area. Beauty adventure.

We approach your beauty according to our own philosophy. We believe that beauty, self-confidence, wellbeing, and attractiveness are not a question of age, but rather of our self-perceived position in life: Where do I come from? Where do I want to go? Where do I stand?

Feeling good about yourself, feeling at home in your body, is the crucial element in our philosophy. It is the secret of staying fit, healthy, stress-resistant, and productive.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. It is responsible for many vital functions: it maintains the body’s salt and water balance, it wards off pathogens, it regulates the body temperature, and it is closely connected to the central nervous system. And let’s be honest: Wouldn’t we all just love to greet our mirror image with a smile each morning – simply because we look so good? Don’t we all want others to be drawn to us because we’re attractive? And don’t we all prefer little laugh wrinkles that show the world our happiness to deep creases of sorrow?

We’re here to support and help you achieve your individual beauty goal.

Our spacious, comfortable Bistro serves as an exclusive waiting room where you can enjoy the anticipation.

Let us add a personal and individual touch to your stay – and awaken the beauty within yourself!

Call or e-mail us for a personal consultation!

Our Restaurants

Whether you enjoy our cuisine in the elegant country home surrounding of our Fireplace Restaurant, right next to the crackling fire, in our sunny, spacious Winter Garden, in the cozy Wellness Bistro, in our classic Lobby Bar, or under the large sycamore trees of our Mediterranean-style Forest Terrace: you are certain to enjoy the pleasure of feeling right at home.

Discover the diversity or our culinary treats

Our restaurants offer a wide variety of regional and international specialties, both for individual guests and large groups.

We hold a selection of the finest wines from the famous Moselle region. Begin your day with our breakfast buffet, treat yourself to a energizing lunch, and enjoy an exclusive dinner with several courses – we offer you a choice of culinary treats in the categories Feast, Vitality, Vegetarian, and 5 Elements all through the day.

The taste of a perfect holiday!

Our gourmet cuisine treats you to traditional French recipes and to regional delicacies such as Moselle meat-in-the-pan with grapes, a fish duo served on creamy sauerkraut & pommes mousseline or a young deer goulash with spätzle & red cabbage. 

In terms of the vital cuisine you expect light, calorie-conscious dishes rich in fiber, well complemented with fresh herbs. A small extract: Corn-fed chicken breast strips with shredded vegetables & bio-noodles, game fish ragout served with vegetables and rice, pork fillet in a tomato-basil sauce, polenta & sautéd vegetables. 

The 5-element cuisine is based on the ancient knowledge of Chinese physicians of herbal medicines and the interaction between the individual body and age or season. Food is hereby classified by warming and cooling effect on the specific element-type and energy-state of the human being. The principle is „Food is medicine that is not bitter”.

Our 5-element cuisine focuses on low-fat and neutral ingredients. This means that we offer you energy-balanced dishes that can be enjoyed, irrespective of your constitution. Some dishes for example: Slices of fillet in a 5-herb sauce served with shredded vegetables & basmati rice, angler-fish with ginger, vegetables & mashed potato, duck breast served on warm lentils & salad.

We assume responsibility for your health and guarantee that all dishes are freshly prepared for you using mainly regional products. In most cases we can therefore (given reasonable notice) also prepare allergen-free and especially also gluten- and lactose-free dishes for you. Please speak to our service or reception staff about this! In addition, we offer you bio-dishes with ingredients from controlled biological cultivation.

Our chef de cuisine will spoil you!

Fireplace Restaurant

Exclusive dining with crackling fire and the warm scent of smoking wood.

fireplace restaurant

Winter Garden

Enjoy the sunshine at any time of year.

winter garden

Summer Lounge

Where our friendly staff awaits you day and night – and the dress code includes your bathrobe.

winter garden

5-Elements-Lounge Restaurant

Noble, modern and sublime – our guests are thrilled.

winter garden

Wellness Bistro

Stroll in for a snack in your bathrobe and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.

winter garden

Lobby Bar

For your nightcap and late-night conversations.

winter garden


Time to explore!

The romantic charm of the Moselle region naturally also includes our annual wine festivals. In addition, we are always glad to inspire you with a great number of leisure and day-trip tips.

If you like sports, you have come to the right place! The Moselle landscape and the many sports facilities offer you lots of opportunities to go walking or Nordic walking, mountain biking, jogging or biking, to play tennis, to paraglide, enjoy horseback riding, rowing, waterskiing, golf, inline skating and much more.

In the vicinity of our hotel, many and diverse recreational opportunities are always on offer: Sport facilities, many interesting excursion destinations and our generously equipped fitness and wellness centers in the hotel.

Ask us – we are always here to assist you!

The team of the Hotel Zum Kurfürsten will gladly assist in the various arrangements on offer, for example a boat trip on the Moselle, a trip to Landshut Castle, the Panorama city rail, bus excursions to popular and well-known travel destinations, a visit to a wine cellar with wine tasting, a visit to the St.-Nikolaus Hospital (Cusanus monastery), the Moselle wine museum and the adjoining Vinothek, the house where Nikolaus von Kues was born, the local history museum „Graacher Tor”, the academy for senior citizens, the Machern monastery, guided tours of the city and the events of the Moselle festival weeks and much more.


We invite you to a healthy stroll on long and wonderful forest footpaths that start directly at the Hotel. Situated at the Kurpark, the forest edge and the vineyards, we offer you the unique flair of our gorgeous countryside. Via the course of forest nature trails, starting at the hotel, you will reach the vineyards, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Moselle valley. More sport and leisure possibilities await you in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, for example Nordic Walking, cycling (our bicycles), horse riding, swimming, skittles, tennis, jogging or mini-golf.

We offer you a very special active leisure time. A vacation which will do you even more good than you might expect.

Centrally situated, our hotel offers you the ideal starting point for your experience in a lifetime vacation by the Moselle. Eifel and Hunsrück with maars, lakes and possibilities for exciting excursions like the zoos and the Nürburgring theme park are very close. Culturally, Bernkastel-Kues and the vicinity also has a lot to offer: the Baroque church of St. Michael, the castle ruins of Landshut, the artistic fountains as well as the medieval market place, with the well-preserved timber houses, will enchant you. Experience a vacation with us in the lovely Vital-and Wellness Hotel Zum Kurfürsten, where you will not only relax, but also hugely de-stress and find yourself again!

Incidentally, Nikolaus von Kues, the most significant philosopher of the 15th century, was born here. Perhaps the beautiful scenery around the Moselle contributed a little?

Wine Festivals

Wine keeps you healthy when enjoyed in moderation.

This is best experienced in Bernkastel-Kues: Just come and be part of a Moselle wine festival in this lovely countryside.

Here in Bernkastel-Kues we have seemingly endless vineyards, thick forest belts along the heights with the gently flowing Moselle in the center. The imposing ruins of the Castle, the picturesque wine-producing village. Timber framework along the alleys, hospitable people, excellent food, noble wines . . . that is the Central Moselle at Bernkastel-Kues.

Incidentally: with over 200 wines and sparkling wines from various locations and vintages, every wine and street festival becomes a true journey of discovery.

The wine festival of the Central Moselle is the highlight of the season with the biggest fireworks on the whole of the Moselle, happening every year on the first weekend in September, when the late summer night sky over Bernkastel-Kues is lit up. Bernkastel-Kues, international city of the vine and the wine.


For wine lovers – and aspiring wine lovers – we look forward to arranging a visit to one of our friendly wine estates, St. Michael or Geierslay, to view the cellars and enjoy some wine tasting.

Bernkastel-Kues is known as the international city of the vine and the wine; for further information on the region please also visit http://www.bernkastel.de Those. interested in culture will find many interesting monuments in Bernkastel-Kues and vicinity, e.g. sundials as emblems of the vineyards and the best medieval market place in Germany. All your senses will come alive during the Moselle festival weeks, the operetta festival and the various festivities and events.

Excursion ideas
  • excursions into the Roman Trier
  • European Luxemburg
  • into the city of precious stones, Idar-Oberstein
  • to the Eifel maars by bus or car
  • Theme park Nürburgring, fascination automobile for big and small
  • Doll & Toy Museum
  • for the nightlife enthusiast: Palm Garden, only a few minutes walk from the hotel.
  • Vinothek & Wine Museum in Kues
  • round trips by boat on the Moselle
  • a visit to the ruins of Landshut Castle
  • a visit to the Castle Eltz
  • a guided tour of the vineyards via the Moselhöhen route
  • a visit to the wine-grower's cellar
  • the house where Cusanus was born, Cusanus Hospital
  • round trips with the Panorama rail or the Landshut Express
  • swimming pool in Kues with 20% discount for our guests
  • Adventure bath Hambachtal
  • thermal springs at Traben-Trarbach
  • various animal parks in the region look forward to visits by big and small

In the vicinity of our hotel you can choose from a variety of sports activities to enjoy.

Or else just visit our new fitness studio in our wellness center. The most modern cardio equipment, sky-walker and stepper contribute to your health and are fun.

Nordic Walking

Total power for the really sporting guests: Nordic Walking with an instructor or in a group, directly adjoining the forest – distanced 10 meters from the hotel. Instructor-hours from trained Nordic Walking teachers, rental of sticks in the hotel, ideal course with various degrees of difficulty. Also visit our Nordic Walking Center!

Mountain biking, cycling

Directly from the hotel: There are numerous routes starting directly at the hotel, from the Moselle valley to the Hunnsrück or over the maars to the Eifel. Our hotel has bicycles which you can rent.


Directly along the adjoining forest – 10 meters from the hotel! With charming countryside and well-marked roads.


Distanced 100-200 meters from the hotel several tennis halls with various ground surfaces are available, as well as several outside courts. On request, the Tenniscamp Wilde can make tennis instructors and equipment available.


... in Wehlen, approx. 6 km from the hotel, there are excellent paragliding possibilities. A school with instructors is also available. Further info can be obtained from the website of Bernkastel-Kues, Recreation and Sport category.


Directly from the Hotel Zum Kurfürsten. Our wellness hotel offers the ideal starting point for well-known hiking trails, e.g. the Höhenwanderweg or the Eiserne Weinkarte.

If you want to do something for your body, our Mediterranean style Moselle countryside is a wonderful scene for hikes and excursions on one of our bicycles. Enjoy a walk through the Eiserne Weinkarte, one of the lovely guided wine paths alongside the Moselle valley, or through the forest and the vineyards directly at our hotel.

Horse riding

Where: approx. 200 meters from the hotel in the Cusanus Estate A large riding establishment offers all prerequisites for sophisticated needs. Further info is available at SFG, Horse riding category. Tel: 06531-91199


  1. in Bernkastel-Kues
    Info at the Rudervereine 1874 e.V.
    Contact person Mr. Dieter Zimmer, Im Weierfeld 30
    54470 Bernkastel-Kues, Tel: 06531-4236
  2. In Zeltingen-Rachtig
    Contact Person Mr. Stefan Schümann-Finck
    54492 Zeltingen-Rachtig, Weingartenstrasse 62, Tel: 06532-2575
    Further info on the Bernkastel-Kues website, Recreation and Sport category.


In the stretch of water Bernkastel-Kues, Graach and Wehlen, left shore of the Moselle. Info is available at the Mittelmoseltouristik office Tel: 06531-3075


at the following golf courses:

  1. 9-hole course (18-hole course in preparation)
    in 54636 Baustert
    Information: Golf Club Bitburg-Baustert e.V., Auf Kinnscheid
    0 65 27 / 81 21
  2. 18-hole course
    in 54340 Ensch-Birkenheck
    Information: Golf Club Trier-Mosel e.V.
    0 65 07 / 99 32 55
  3. 9-hole course
    in 55483 Lautzenhausen (airport)
    Information: Golf-Club-Hahn (Hunnsrück) e.V., Golf-Allee 1
    0 65 43 / 50 95 60
  4. 9-hole course
    55743 Kirschweiler / Hunnsrück e.V., Am Golfplatz
    0 67 81 / 3 66 15

Further info on the website of Bernkastel-Kues, Recreation and Sport category.

Skate- and Inlinepark

in Bernkastel-Kues: 1100m2 with quarter-pipe, fun box, curp, spine, approach ramp, pyramid

Contact Us

Any further questions?

Please get in touch with us – we look forward to being of assistance!

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